"When it comes to safety, I know there are no small details."
Chemical Safety Analyst
"I always keep things on the right track."
Transportation and Waste Management Engineer
"Testing the water is my profession — and my passion."
Environmental Scientist
"After 32 years here, I can say there's no place like home."
Executive Administrative Assistant
"You can count on me to keep things safe and sound."
Assistant Chief, Fire Brigade
and Training Specialist
NFS employees have a proud history of serving our nation. In 2010, over 100 NFS employees had served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine forces.
"It's not just a job. It's my personal mission."
Production Operator
"Protecting NFS and the community is serious business. I'm up to the challenge."
NFS Tactical Response Force
"To me, there's no such thing as good enough."
Research & Development Chemist
It's no wonder they call Unicoi County "Valley Beautiful."
NFS employees are proud of their role in fueling freedom through the US Navy.
NFS employees are committed to protecting the Nolichucky River.
NFS is the sole provider of fuel for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.
NFS maintains a multi-layered, robust security and cyber-security posture to ensure the protection of the facility and the surrounding area.


Established and strategically located between Oak Ridge and Savannah River Site
Thorium rods produced for America’s first commercial reactor
Naval fuels production plant constructed
Fuel for America’s first Light Water Breeder Reactor
Fuel for U.S. Navy’s USS Nimitz aircraft carrier delivered
First US – Russian Federation agreement for HEU-to-LEU downblending
NFS partners with Fluor for America’s largest DOE clean up at Fernald, OH
New Advanced Naval Fuel Manufacturing Facility constructed
First downblended HEU deliveries from BLEU Project to TVA
BLEU Project wins Global Energy Award
NFS a member of winning teams at DOE facilities - Paducah and Nevada Test Site
B&W finalizes purchase of NFS from NFS Holdings, LLC.